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High voltage tester

This device has been developed especially for the calibration of cable

Technical data:
Range of voltage measurement: : ± 15 kV en ± 40 kV
Range of power measurement: ± 1 5 mA
Accuracy: 1% of full scale

Ibutton lock

The device can read an Ibutton lock
There is a switch that allows the device to learn the code
With the correct code, a relay is activated 

AM 10 M-D series Alarm monitor

This analog stationary monitoring system is used to control permanently the
dose rate measurement level in room and workplace.
The measurement is microcontroller-based.
Measurement range is based on type and connected detector
There are different types of detectors to connect to such as Thermo and
Automess GM detectors
Freely definable alarm thresholds
3 red led -lamps and an acoustic signal warn when the alarm thresholds are
The monitor also has an analog monitor output and a galvanically separated
alarm contact

Technical data
Power supply: 100-240 V AC , 47-63 Hz
And a 12V backup battery

We can deliver a 19-inch version too.

Wood burner 

With this device very beautiful natural patterns can be burned in wood.