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Radiation measuring instruments

We can deliver a wide range of radiation measuring instruments: dosimeters
but also e.g. high-sensitive radiation portal monitors for trucks. We can
customize this equipment to your wishes. Also upgrading your old equipment
is a possibility. Repair, calibration or testing radiation measuring
instruments is a possibility too.

Precise time synchronization systems

We sell a wide range of time synchronization systems with DCF, GPS, or rubidium time synchronization.

Non-contact thickness gauges

For many thickness gauges we can offer you

- service
- repair
- upgrades

Special power supplies

For laboratory and industry we can deliver a wide range of DC power
- High voltage power supplies with voltages up to 300,000V (300kV)
- Low voltage power supplies with voltages up to 5,000 A
As options we can deliver:
Bipolarity, reversibility, increased stability and remote control.
In most cases we have a suitable solution for your needs.

Other and new